Our Story

I am Corina and I am The JAM GODDESS.

I grew up in Germany where home-made jam is absolutely massive, all of my friends and family used to make their own jam, and when I came across to live in England I soon realised that it was just as big here!!

Now I have to tell you, I absolutely love jam, you could say I am a jam addict

The best thing about my jams? They are not just your ordinary run of the mill jams. They are healthy!

Let me tell you why.
About 5 years ago, I started cutting sugar from my diet due to a number of reasons. But the biggest reason was I wanted to stay fit, healthy and slim. I have to admit, I was pretty radical – no bread, no potatoes, no chocolates and NO JAM. I would literally do anything to stay slim. It was all working pretty well, I looked great But honestly, I was unhappy I really missed having jam.

Sticking to this lifestyle meant that my favourite treat had been struck off the menu and I MISSED my jam indulgence totally!

Ever since I was a little girl, jam made me happy and put a massive smile on my face. My nan always used to bake cakes every weekend. Her German version of a Victoria Sponge cake always hit the spot with me. But my main thing was breakfast. It has always been my favourite meal of the day. When you bite into that warm toast which is jam packed with sweet fruity flavour. It sets you for the day doesn’t it, it is that little taste of luxury in the morning.

Total luxury comfort food!

That was the one thing I really missed, and I didn’t want to buy normal jams and feel the weight of guilt crushing down on my shoulders for eating loads of sugar. I know I know, you are probably thinking healthy and jam should not be in the same sentence. They must taste awful.

Want to know a secret?

I did try a lot of other healthy jams. Most of them almost always do taste rubbish. Yep, I am with you on that! Now as the Jam Goddess, I strongly believe that just because something is healthy, there is no reason it should not taste amazing right? I am sure you will agree with me, you need to have a little indulgence in your life (especially on toast!)

With my jams you really can indulge, innocently.

So, I started to look around for possible ingredients to make my own guiltfree and delicious version. My recipes for my jams only ever use the best fruits summer has to offer and because chia seeds are good for you I threw in a few too. My innocently indulgent JAM was born,  it is literally jam packed with flavour that melts in your mouth and tingles you in the right places with a burst of fruitiness.

Even more amazing, it has 70% less calories than normal jam. Yes that’s right, 70% less calories and it tastes amazing!! Every single jar is handmade and labelled in our own jam kitchen using traditional copper jam pans. If you are a Jam Goddess like me you will know that these have been used for many centuries to give the BEST FLAVOUR.

I am totally excited that I can offer my jam on the market, and it is HEALTHY and tastes great.

But please do not take my word for it. Why not try some for yourself?Remember, you can eat the whole jar guilt free! Indulge innocently with my range of Jam Goddess jams

Are you ready to join me in becoming your own Jam Goddess?

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