The Good Things

No refined sugar

We do not add any sugar to our products. We use an organic stevia to add a little sweetness but all of our products are less than 5% sugar.

100% Natural

No nasties like artifical colours, preservatives or other E-numbers have been use so your body will be truly nurtured

Vegan and Paleo friendly

Yes, that's right! Friendly to your body as not full of ***. All ingredients are 100% plant based.

Even more amazing, it has 70% less calories than normal jam. Yes that's right, 70% less calories and it tastes amazing!! Every single jar is handmade and labelled in our own jam kitchen using traditional copper jam pans. But please do not take my word for it. Why not try some for yourself?

Taster packs

Create healthy habits and still be indulgent

Making small changes could not be easier.
The Jam Goddess was born to make your breakfast guilt free.

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Aisling F

"Thank you @thejamgoddess for producing such top quality sugar-free jam. All my family love it x"

Ellison S.

“I am a dental nurse and sugar is a big issue when it comes to dental care. I am so glad that The Jam Goddess has launched their products. #sugarfree #kindtoyourteeth.”

James M

“These jams are awesome. I am totally impressed with their macros. I am a fitness professional so nutrition is extremely important to me. well done Jam Goddess”

Marianne F

"This is my daughter Alexandra. She loves your Summerfruit jam. And for me, it means a no fuss breakfast. Win win!"

Hugo P

"Just tried your strawberry & raspberry jam. Delish. Mmmhh...Interestingly, it was surprisingly sharp on the first mouthful but I believe that is because my brain is conditioned to super sweet 'normal' jam. This was really wonderful! I had it on half a toasted bagel btw. YUM"

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